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A Row of Beach Huts

A Row of Beach Huts

I'm proud to announce that I've added a few Rows of Beach Huts to my range for 2022. The Rows of Beach Huts are created going across the grain of the decking, which allows me to add extra huts to my original Beach Hut design, with the addition of one, or two Seagulls to complete the picture.


They are made using naturally stained, or painted pieces of decking and various vibrant coloured cottons depending on the piece. It might be possible to make something to order if you require specific colours, so please ask. 


The designs I've currently made are;

1.) 2 x Beach Huts  ( 1 x Seagull ) - @ £35

2.) 3 x Beach Huts ( 2 x Seagulls ) - @ £55

The Huts in a row can vary between 3 hut styles, as shown. Please select from the photos & choose your design style & colours;
1.)     3 Colour hut. 2 Colours divided at centre, with door in another colour.
2.)    Single colour hut, with window & door  in different colours.
3.)    Smaller hut with flag on top & a door in choice of colour. Rest can be 1 colour, or 2 colours.

Choose from the designs shown in the photos, or Contact me  if you're after something specific.


They look good free standing, but can also be hung if preferred. They are a great unique addition to any home and a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. 

  • Pricing ( £35 / £55 )

    The price varies depending how many Beach Huts are in the Row. 

    2x Huts = £35

    3x Huts = £55

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